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This photo was taken along a beach walk in Reykjavik.  Despite the impact of the economic downturn the Icelandic people remain vibrant and optimistic.  Helping build a new data center services industry here has been a very rewarding experience.

Our Mission:  Establish and perpetuate sustainable capitalism through the development of businesses and business practices that preserve our resources and way of life.

CarbonZero and our partners provide renewable energy-based IT capacity and supporting IT services to meet client needs for management of carbon emissions and cost of operations.

I founded CarbonZero for two reasons. First, to get personally involved in combating climate change in a meaningful way. Second, I saw a clear opportunity to help firms deal with the growing challenge of managing carbon emissions while still improving cost and systems availability. Renewable energy-powered IT capacity today is mainly available to corporate users with access to dedicated hydroelectric power grids. Commercial hosting facilities utilizing renewable energy primarily target the retail market, but that is changing. Areas with natural sources of renewable energy and a supporting power distribution infrastructure are recognizing their value as wholesale market providers and can be capable of supporting multi-megawatt pods and even campus environments. Optimal data center locations such as Iceland and the Columbia River valley in Western North America are attracting data center capacity investments that anticipate increased market demand for zero or near zero carbon based capacity and low cost abundant power.

CarbonZero provides the support required to allow these new large scale providers to grow. Over time, as more capacity becomes available and our list of providers grows our clients will be able to integrate significant carbon free capacity into their global data center strategies. This new carbon management strategy for IT is part of the ongoing evolution in corporate information technology services and an important element of success in the larger transition to a low carbon economy.


Paul F. Halsey