Cost Analysis hosting infrastructure Iceland, London, Frankfurt Print

All prices in €

London Frankfurt Iceland
+.5MW=high volume price €/Kwh 0.1019 0.1340 0.0400
price/year floor space/square meter 5,616-6,864 5,535-6,765 4,896-5,984
price/year per rack p.a. 13,954-17,054 14,148-17,292 8,694-10,626
price/year Network: mb/s ec connection capacity for 1 year 270-330 91-111 2.5-3.5
price/year Cost of Carbon/mt 19.87 7.38 N/A



1) Estimate based on 5 racks, includes floor space, power, rack eq., network, maintenance ("hands & feet"). Monitoring cost not included. Power included ranges between 2.5 and 4 kWh/mo/rack with additional power charged as consumed up to full rating of the equipment

2) network metric: per mb internet connection capacit; Iceland estimate inlcludes 10Gb download/50Gb upload

3) Iceland floor space power rating range 3-8KW / rack. London hosting space costs on a rising trend. Frankfurt costs on a declining trend due to low power density and spare capacity.

4)Cost of carbon is not included in pricing; UK price of BP 16 in 2013, German cap & trade market price March 2012 5)term 1 year

6) PUE 2.0 for London and Frankfurt; Iceland PUE ~1.2

7), prices are for industrial electricity and therefore exclude carbon costs in the UK and Germany

8) All pricing estimates are based on a current average of actual prices charged in the localities referenced. The estimate is expressed in a 10% high/low range.

9) These estimates are for informational purposes only and may not be used as the basis for contractual commitment. Formal pricing will require specific requirements and supporting supplier bids.

10) Source data; London/Frankfurt: Tariff Consultancy Ltd., Iceland: supplier quotations