Renewable Energy Based IT Services and Infrastructure Seminar Print

The London Seminar was well received and has generatred significant interest in renewable energy sourced IT services.  A PDF of the presentations presented can be downloaded from the blog section of the website.  Please contact us if you'd like further information regarding sourcing IT services from Iceland.

The morning seminar will discuss how renewable energy powered IT services can reduce cost of operations and improve carbon management. The aim is to provide executives with a deeper understanding of the challenges they face when dealing with (a) the rising cost of data centre floor space, (b) the rising cost of, and potential for interruption to, electric power, and (c) new carbon management regulatory requirements. We propose to have an informative round table discussion on possible solutions including the advantages and risks of doing business in Iceland.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace

Edinburgh EH1 2EN

(map link)


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Northwest Wing, Bush House, Aldwych

London WC2B 4EZ

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Each session will provide the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in an informal environment and will be backed up with briefing notes on the topics covered.


08.30am    Registration and Light Breakfast

09.00am    Seminar

12.00pm    Close



Laurence Ward, Partner, Dundas & Wilson.

The Carbon Challenge and the state of renewable energy powered IT infrastructure and services

Paul Halsey, Founder, CarbonZero IT.

CRC: The impact of Carbon Reduction Commitment Regulation

Stephanie Smith and Joanna Waddell, subject matter experts, will provide an overview of the current CRC scheme and its impact on IT.

Iceland perspective:

Invest in Iceland will provide an overview of Iceland as a source of renewable energy for IT infrastructure and services as well as efforts by the Icelandic government to support the IT services industry. Insight into the risks and benefits of sourcing IT infrastructure services in a seismically active geography will also be provided.

Nyherji, Iceland's largest IT services provider, will discuss its capabilities to deliver IT services and technology in Iceland today and provide an overview of key elements of a service solution.

Farice, the network communications company responsible for the undersea cable capacity that interconnects Iceland with Europe and North America, will provide an overview of network capabilities.

Transaction Model: Key legal and tax considerations for cross border sourcing of IT services

Robert Marcus, Founder, Technology Law Solutions, and Jim Hillan of Dundas & Wilson will provide an overview of how transactions could be structured to take advantage of Iceland's low tax environment and minimize VAT exposure.