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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Provider: Rackforce Hosting, Inc.

  • IT Facilities: Tier 3, accommodate up to 24K servers currently available with additional capacity planned. Modular high density computing design with full physical security 24/7/365.
  • Skills: Full range of IT service skills available to support hosting and fully managed services
  • Renewable Power Source: 90% Hydroelectric; 10% Natural Gas; Columbia River; BC Hydro
  • Climate/Operational risk: cool climate offers reduced cooling needs and lower cooling costs. Minimal natural disaster risk due to facility location and region.
  • Network: all digital network capacity, multi gigabit bandwidth, LAN/WAN custom designed network solutions.
  • Transportation: air access to all major carriers via Vancouver, BC and other major air hubs.

RackForce GigaCenter Colocation

RackForce's 30,000 square foot dynamic datacenter is ready for you. Location is a major component to the "right" data center. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, and identified by industry experts as one the best locations in North America for highly reliable secure data center services, you have the piece of mind for the safest location and one of the greenest. Scalability, security, management, and flexibility are all key components of your RackForce Dynamic Datacenter Services solution.

Common Customizable options include:

  • Dynamic Colocation Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Hands & Eyes
  • Network
  • Power
  • Scalability

Disaster Recovery

RackForce's has a unique and secure location. Combine with that RackForce's dynamic abilities to support varying needs from colocation, servers, managed support, networking, and more results in a very flexible Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) solution available to our customers.

Some of the highlights around our unique location:

  • Very low earthquake risk
  • Very low natural disaster risk
  • Dry moderate climate
  • Storms are rare
  • Least windy city in Canada
  • No flood risk

Source: National Research Council Canada

Remote "Hands and Eyes" Services

RackForce will for an hourly fee or monthly bundled package provide our customers with 7x24x365 access to on-site Rackforce GigaCenter level 2 and level 3 technicians to perform specific functions and assist Customer under emergency situations (the "Hands and Eyes Service").

Standard Services

Examples of tasks performed by the Rackforce Hosting Centre analysts and technicians are:

  • Observing and describing equipment functionality;
  • Typing commands on a keyboard;
  • Rebooting servers/equipment;
  • Replacing hot-swappable drives;
  • Plugging/unplugging equipment;
  • Stopping/starting a windows service; and
  • Killing/restarting a unix/linux process.


Kelowna has an east and west fiber feed from all the major Canadian Carriers. RackForce has invested into a 10Gbps private network which will start in Seattle, WA, travel through Vancouver, BC, east to Kelowna, BC, continue on to Calgary, AB and eventually terminate in Toronto, ON.

GigaCenter uses Cisco Data Center 3.0 Technology which includes:

  • Cisco Nexus 10Gbps Fully Converged Network
  • Lossless Ethernet
  • Fiber Channel over Ethernet
  • Load Balance Between Any Servers on GigaCenter Network
  • DDOS Protection


RackForce provides very Green Dynamic Datacenter Services. RackForce employs a World Class Power System from the Columbia River Basin. RackForce's power comes from Renewable Hydro Power with an extremely low CO2/kWh footprint - 1/100th of coal fired electrical generation.

Engineered to PUE of 1.38, utilizing efficient server hardware, and virtualization implemented everywhere results in a very green Dynamic Datacenter. Dynamic Datacenter Services provided from RackForce's unique location have the CO2/kWh footprint output of:

  • 1/10th of a typical Ontario facility
  • 1/30th of a typical Alberta facility
  • 1/50th of a typical West Virginia facility


RackForce GigaVault engineering allows customers to scale from 1 cabinet to their own GigaVault (private suite) which scale in size from 14 cabinets to 170 cabinets in the same private GigaVault. RackForce GigaVaults are designed with a total air separation model where the cold aisle is completely separated from the hot aisles (GigaVault Advanced Cold Aisle Containment). In Row cooling allows for cooling customization supporting high density up to 35 Kilowatts per rack.

  • Hot Aisle design also available to accommodate gas-based fire suppression systems
  • Chilled Water Available
  • In Row UPS
  • 14 to 170 Racks
  • Up to 10Gbps LAN to Vault
  • Fire Suppression
    • Dry Pipe Preaction (Base Level)
    • Gas Suppression Available