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Reykjavik, Iceland

Partner: Nyherji, HF

  • IT Services, Systems Technology & Integration, telecommunications services, hosting, managed IT services
  • +700 employees
  • Largest IT services provider in Iceland
  • Primary lines of business: Systems sales, Technical Services & maintenance, Software consultancy & development, communications services & IT optimization

Cloud Computing Solutions

Nyherji offers its customers hosted, fully managed, cloud computing solutions.

The solutions target five key areas: Grid Computing, Remote Storage, Test & Development, Disaster Recovery, and Production System hosting. All solutions include the following components:

  • OS installation and maintenance
  • On-site labor
  • Service Desk 24/7/365
  • Monitoring
  • Issue tracking
  • Hardware maintenance

Grid Computing

With the ever increasing cost of power and cooling CPU intensive grid computing applications, data center power efficiency continues to rise on IT’s list of priorities. Low-cost green energy and natural cooling makes Iceland the ideal place for power hungry grid applications. Coupled with Nyherji’s depth of technical know-how, a grid solution hosted with Nyherji becomes an attractive option to wide range of clients.

Remote Storage

Nyherji’s technicians have years of experience supporting a wide variety of IBM storage solutions, including:

  • TSM – Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Storage controllers: Shark, DS3xxx, DS4xxx, DS5xxx, DS6xxx, DS7xxx, DS8xxx
  • SVC – SAN Volume Controller

Nyherji’s Remote Storage solution offers competitive rates and quality service delivered by a skilled workforce and an ISO 27001 certified organization.

Test & Development

  • Use Nyherji’s cloud offering for your test and development requirements.
  • Take advantage of competitively priced infrastructure
  • Flexible configurations

Production Systems

Hosting your business applications and databases with Nyherji provides significant benefits. Nyherji’s technicians have extensive experience operating leading database platforms such as Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL, as well as experience operating ERP applications including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Nyherji’s subsidiary, Applicon, is Iceland’s leading SAP service provider, servicing customers all over the Scandinavian countries.

Disaster Recovery

Installing your DR site in Iceland has some distinct advantages. Risk of natural disasters is significantly lower than the U.S., U.K., or India, countries that contain many of the world's most concentrated areas of data center location. With its isolated location in the North-Atlantic and multiple multi-terabit connections to the American and European continents, Iceland is likely to remain unaffected by disasters hitting your data centers in those regions.